Monette Z.

Monette Z.

Monette Z.

Es de Madrid (Madrid)

Registrado el 19-01-2015

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Mrs. Ruth Family - Part time (4pm-9pm, Monday-Friday) - October 2005- April 2006
A shared charge position for 3 children, ages 7, 3 and 2. Duties were helping the eldest with his homework, the second child too (whenever he has one), but most of the time I would read story book for the 3 year old boy; bringing them to the park to play football, tennis etc., playdates/ children party; picking them up from their after-school activities (KUMON). We mainly conversed in English though they are Spanish/French family. I taught them Basic English especially the youngest, we would also enjoy singing nursery rhymes (in English) and dancing. I also helped the mother with their before-bedtime activities like feeding, bathing, brushing, tucking to sleep, and tidying up the children’s bedroom. I also joined them with their trips, which I enjoyed much because it was all new and great experiences for me.

Mr. Jorge Family - Part time (2pm-4pm, Saturday-Sunday) - July 2009 – November 2014
A kitchen help, assisting the Madam in lunch preparation. Duties are preparing kitchen utensils, peeling ingredients, cooking (whenever the madam arrives late), table setting, dish washing, cleaning the kitchen.
Mrs. Belen Family - Part time (5:30pm-7:30pm, Tuesday and Thursday) - September 2011- February 2014
A housekeeping (cleaning only) work.

Mrs. Ivy Sheryl Family - Full Time (9:30am-5pm, Monday-Friday) October 2012- March 2014
A sole charge at home-based care for a then 5 months old baby girl. Duties were feeding, bathing, putting to sleep/nap, changing soiled diapers, playing, walks to the park. I took initiative with teaching her English words which her parents was happy about. We would sing lots of nursery rhymes, and dance too. Her routine is very important for she would sometimes be irritable or affected if it’s disrupted. She is now a bubbly, sweet, loving little girl at 2 years old.


Enfermeria (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)


Ingles, Español