Andres L.

Andres L.

Andres L.

Es de Cartagena (Murcia)

Registrado el 20-02-2015

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I've lived in england for the past eighteen years and worked in various positions, including: menswear store manager, convinient store manager, import/export quality control manager, coffe shop manager, bar restaurant manager and the past four years as a family and civil mediator with a portfolio of completed cases. Since my return to the country last year due to a family crisis, i have also teached english privatetly and work as bilingual restaurant manager in order to be able to assist my family and afford to pay for my preparation and examination fees to get my mediation trainning certified by the relevant oficial body in spain, as well as, the c. P. E o c2 certificate to be able to teach certified in an academy wich is something i would love to do in the near future, god willing. I'm also a proud father to a lovely fourteen year old boy, so i'm kind of used to spend time teaching him as well as family members, friends and sometimes clients and enjoy doing so very much.


Educacion general basica, mediation course in england,


English level cpe or cambrigde proficiency english, recently assesed and currently pending examination until the next course is availible in murcia, this is due to lack of availibility of preparation courses in cartagena at present time.
I can also speak some french, however this is at a very basic to medium level .