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Deep understanding and experience with relational databases DB2 and SQL.
. Ability to enhance broken processes.
. Capability to dig-in and refactor other people’s code in order to improve inefficient processes.
. Ensure the performance, scalability in large complicated structure databases.

Programming languages, Databases.
. Cobol-SQL.
. Knowledge of Administration and Operations with MySQL, MySQL Workbench y PHPMyadmin.
. SQLServer 2014 Management Studio.

IBM mainframe technology.
IBM mainframe teleprocess monitor CICS with OS / 390, z / OS or VSE operating systems.
The MQ Queue – IBM. Programming.

TSO – IBM (OS2 ).
Mainframe Arquitecture Santander.
Tools for QAT HOST - ISBAN (Santander).
DB2 Explain for SQL statements.
Monitoring DB2 using OMEGAMON.
Accounting report on trace DB2.

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/03/2017 Analyst and performance SQL
Connectis, madrid (España)
As a check analyst I have carried out the following tasks for Banco Santander:
. Identify defects in SQL statements, the DB2 strategies considered invalid and confirm that it met the requirements referred to the performance and rational use of resources.
. Interpret accurately and expertly the valid DB2 strategies according to the result of Explain that combined with the knowledge of the MMDD, scale of data, the knowledge of different scenarios, etc.
. Analyze and audit complex processes and identify defects, solutions considered invalid and accurately indicate adjustments, actions
. Propose redesigns when the validated solution was far from complying with the Quality standards.
. Give support, at earliest stage, for SQL design in those cases that due to their complexity need this support.

Sothern Star, Madrid (spain)
Requirements analysis for Operative Loans Promoter system for BBVA bank..

Netfinger, Madrid (spain)
Requirements analysis for certain back office modules in the Investments Markets Securities International Bags proyect

ACS, Madrid (Spain)
Analysis, design and development change to euro currency for Argentaria Bank in the following applications : Checks, payments by Cash. Payments to Collectors.

/06/1998 Computer programmer
Retesa, Madrid (Spain)
As a programmer, with the role in design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems in several projects:
. Bank at Home with CICS-Minitex with a number of options: A trading platform software with certain capabilities such as purchase and sale of securities in the domestic stock market in real time, calculated position of securities,etc. Movements of accounts and cards.
. Project DDBB Clients. Opening of accounts. Cash Cross Operation (IBOS) system between Santander-Royal Bank.
. Adaptation Banco Santander Teleprocess (CICS) to the new layer to Banesto Architecture.



/06/1975 High Scholl (COU ) Nivel 4 EQF-MEC
Colegio Covadonga, Madrid (Spain)

/06/1989 Technician in business computing Nivel 5 EQF-MEC
Instituto Cibernos, Madrid (Spain)

/06/1983 Higher Accounting Diploma Nivel 5 EQF-MEC
Instituto Estudios Financieros, Madrid (Spain)

. DB2 10.5 BLUE 2015
. knowledge of Administration and Operations with MySQL, MySQL Workbench y PHPMyadmin.
. SQLServer 2014 Management Studio.
. Course of Java, Eclipse y Spring.
. Oneline course of: BBDD OLAP Haddop, No Relational Datamodel Cassandra.
. Oneline course of : RedHat Openstack, Google Cloud Platform (google compuge engine)
. Oneline course of WSO2. Stream Processing Engines, Complex event processing(CEP)


My native language is Spanish, but I can also speak English.