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Vaiva V Marques

Vaiva V Marques

Área de trabajo: Granada

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Así es Vaiva V Marques

You will start speaking English from day 1.

100% optimized and accelerated English language study. It’s XXI century, an era when students deserve the best quality to study in this demanding, competitive and fast-paced daily life, where 24 hours in a day don't seem enough anymore.

I conduct English language classes via collaborative learning platform - OXBRIDGE™. The material is created and delivered by English language educators of Oxinity community and I am one of them. While facing world pandemic with movement restrictions, they take place on videoconference. OXBRIDGE™ encapsulates it all - that's where a teacher and a student can meet from anywhere in the world to study together with the material provided on a convenient free time gap. Adapted to all levels and all ages for all purposes. Are you a student struggling with exams? A businessperson always on the go? A language enthusiast? Would you like your child to learn English effectively yet in an interactive way?

I am Vaiva and I am happy to guide you through the process of your learning where I can also combine two of my own passions: education and technology. I’m a TEFL certified educator of English to a Native level, with a BA degree in Languages and Literature. I have all the essential knowledge of English linguistics, different activity implementation, lesson planning as well as group and time management. Academic studies together with time spent living and working in The United States of America and later London gave me a great language understanding and feeling, that nobody will know this subtle English language learning process better than someone who went on the same journey before.

Everything is possible and it’s literally in your hands! Just pick your device: smartphone, ipad or laptop.


QUICK QUESTIONS - Opening activities instead of a small talk, performed always at the beginning of a class. Student starts thinking in English.
STRUCTURE ACTIVITIES - For accuracy featuring structures and functions. Practice through speaking avoiding confusing terminology.
VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES - Organized by semantic fields and themes aimed at activating words and set phrases.
PRONUNCIATION ACTIVITIES - Short pronunciation practices with a lot of examples.
TOPIC ACTIVITIES - Based on current news, stories or literature paragraphs and focused on language fluency.

I use a Communicative Teaching Approach.

Why this price? A student joins a special platform with a ready material for a new class and after each class an evaluation is provided. The essential thing of learning is to focus on what a student doesn't know yet. Full IT support during each lesson. Best price for quality.
*First free trial class guaranteed.

What's the difference from other English teachers? NO Skype/NO Zoom/NO Whatsapp/NO improvisation. If a students wants to improve English skills fast and effectively, there must be a regular weekly routine and structure until one masters fluency and can keep learning independently. For advanced learners it's a great way to maintain knowledge. Classes must be well prepared, offering various exercises in one daily lesson. OXBRIDGE™ is a perfect option for that.

How long will it take to learn English with me? If a student takes at least 1 class a week and follows teacher's advice how to increase exposure to English in daily life, it will mean speed. Average learning period in Spain is 12 years. In 3 years with Oxinity's learning system OXBRIDGE™ and my guidance a student will speak better English than after those 12 years in an academy. Language must be LIVED, not learned automatically. I'm a live example. So here the investment for a better result is much lower.

Shall we start?

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Clases de idiomas: Inglés | Inglés nativo | Inglés online | Otros idiomas


● State exam of English language completed scoring at almost 100% (2010) ● BA Humanities degree from Vilnius university with a completed exam in Academic English (2010/14) ● Completed IELTS exam with British Council of Vilnius (2016) ● TEFL certificate - Teaching English as a Foreign Language from International Open Academy (2020) ● Specialization: Technology Enriched Teaching (ASU course, 2020)

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