Noel Charles T.

Noel Charles T.

Noel Charles T.

Es de Torrevieja (Alacant/Alicante)

Registrado el 03-08-2013

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Así es Noel Charles

Hello, konnichiwa, hola, allô!

It’s noel charles here

Nice to meet you virtually

“my job is to make others succeed and make their lives easier!”
I am from london, chelsea.

I have studied in the uk and usa teaching english as a second language and psychology

I am a bi-lingual teacher and coach

I speak english and spanish perfectly

I also speak french

A little bit of basque

I would class myself as an all rounder!

I have been teaching languages

For the last 25 years

My classes are audited by the company where i work presently

And they have given me 4,8 points out of 5 for teaching quality.

My customer satisfaction score is 4,7 out of 5 for the last 5 years

I am and have been teaching ibex 35 companies for the last 15 years

From office workers to ceo’s, cfo’s, managers and directors of all professions

They are quit demanding

I have also taught youngsters,

Prepared students for exams like toefl, interview preparation and a lot more

Tutored students, teacher training, weekend courses

Creation of material for phone and virtual classes.

My idea when teaching english is,

To get students to speak, understand and be understood.

You might ask yourself. What kind of english do i teach . . .

I teach quality english

When we speak english we represent ourselves, no

And the companies where we work.

So what we say, how we say it and what words we use to express ourselves

Are important and can lead you to a successful communications or not so successful

It’s not just learning a language it’s a lot more.

My job is , to teach english and get people to communicate efficiently

What good is it for a person to know english.

If they can’t speak, understand or be understood

And so far, so good, i have happy customers , that’s good for everybody.

I think it’s important to adapt to our clients needs with enthusiasm and creativity

One of my c1 students has now to speak english in public in the states, europe

He speaks english, quit well, but - does - not – deliver

(in other words does transmit with credibility)

So i am giving him an elocution course to help him surmount the situation.

He is a great person and an enthusiastic student.

New challenges,,,, if not,,,,,, life would be boring!

In my spare time i like to listen to pop music miyuki ishikawa, surf the internet.

Develop my psychic and personal skills/abilities. I also like to play guitar and

Creating my own films in relation to the learning process.

I like investigating how people learn and acquire knowledge and creating new

Learning systems.

Thank you very much for your time.

It’s been a pleasure being with for these few minutes
I hope to have the chance of working with you in the near future


Clases de idiomas: Academia de idiomas | Inglés | Inglés online | Inglés nativo | Español


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Londres (westminster university)modern languages, los angeles (tesol), miami psicologia


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